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Medeiros Elementary School

651 West Springer Drive

Turlock, CA 95382

(209) 668-9600

(209) 668-4669 FAX


To Report an Absence:

(209) 668-9600


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  

Medeiros Staff


Contact Anna Ellerson  Anna Ellerson Principal

Assistant Principal

Contact Sean Timmons  Sean Timmons Assistant Principal

Transitional Kindergarten

Contact Sue Indermuehle  Sue Indermuehle Teacher
Contact Jessica Holt  Jessica Holt Teacher

Kindergarten Team

Contact Michele Anderson  Michele Anderson Teacher
Contact Tabitha Anderson  Tabitha Anderson Teacher
Contact Debbie Judish  Debbie Judish Teacher
Contact Janelle Lawrence  Janelle Lawrence Teacher

1st Grade Team

Contact Gizelle Sperry  Gizelle Sperry Teacher
Contact Diane Blood  Diane Blood Teacher
Contact Stephanie Correia  Stephanie Correia Teacher
Contact Michelle Hamilton  Michelle Hamilton Teacher
Contact Angela Vink  Angela Vink Teacher

2nd Grade Team

Contact Mrs. Avila  Mrs. Avila Teacher
Contact April Brown  April Brown Teacher
Contact Nicole Dayton  Nicole Dayton Teacher
Contact Amanda Packnit  Amanda Packnit Teacher

3rd Grade Team

Contact Holly Doucette  Holly Doucette Teacher
Contact Tina Lukens  Tina Lukens Teacher
Contact Kim Robison  Kim Robison Teacher
Contact Amanda Wolf  Amanda Wolf Teacher
Contact HIllary Zaklan  HIllary Zaklan Teacher

4th Grade Team

5th Grade Team

Contact Irma Calvillo  Irma Calvillo Teacher
Contact Jennifer Collins  Jennifer Collins Teacher
Contact Amber Smith  Amber Smith Teacher
Contact Tiffany Ulrich  Tiffany Ulrich Teacher

6th Grade Team

Contact Lauren Hensley  Lauren Hensley Teacher
Contact Robert Kackley  Robert Kackley Teacher
Contact Jeff Robison  Jeff Robison Teacher
Contact Wendy Thomas  Wendy Thomas Teacher


Contact Selene DelReal  Selene DelReal Admin Secretary
Contact Amy Herd  Amy Herd Attendance Secretary
Contact Nettie Ulrich  Nettie Ulrich Enrollment Secretary


Contact Christine Waterman  Christine Waterman Nurse
Contact Terri Acha  Terri Acha Health Technician

Special Education

Contact Brandi Baker  Brandi Baker Teacher
Contact Hillary Dudley  Hillary Dudley Teacher
Contact Matthew Teeples  Matthew Teeples Teacher
Contact Michele Fuller  Michele Fuller Teacher
Contact Ellen Ratzlaff  Ellen Ratzlaff Teacher
Contact Lilia Saenz  Lilia Saenz Teacher
Contact Bernard Souza  Bernard Souza Teacher

Music Teacher

Contact John Hall  John Hall Teacher
Contact Sarah Carpenter  Sarah Carpenter Teacher
Contact Rebecca Somers  Rebecca Somers Teacher

Mental Health Clinicians

Contact Ana Calderon  Ana Calderon Staff
Contact Jamie Enos  Jamie Enos Staff
Contact Ramika Pourmand  Ramika Pourmand Staff


Contact Cathy Woodall  Cathy Woodall Librarian


Contact Maria Rodrigues  Maria Rodrigues Custodian