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Medeiros Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of Sandra Tovar Medeiros Elementary School, an exemplary and diverse learning community, is to ensure that all students excel academically and demonstrate positive character traits in a dynamic, safe, student-centered environment by delivering creative, rigorous instruction along with comprehensive curriculum to maximize individual student potential in collaboration with parents, families, and the community.


  • All students will create individual goals to achieve their maximum academic potential
  • All students will strive to become creative thinkers and problem solvers within rigorous, academic environment.
  • All students will exemplify positive character traits as an integral member of our global society.
  • We will collaborate with parents, families, and the community to support students’ academic and personal pursuits.


We will:

  1. Provide differentiated, creative and effective instruction to accommodate the diverse academic needs of all students. (obj. 1& 2)
  2. Teach, model, and strengthen positive character traits. (obj. 3)
  3. Build a collaborative atmosphere within the Medeiros community. (obj. 4)